Josette Sheeran

Josette Sheeran

Vice Chairman of the World Economic Forum, President and CEO of Asia Society

The Josette Sheeran speeches highlight the plight of hunger in developing countries.

As the Vice Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Sheeran is responsible for overseeing the management of world’s largest humanitarian organization. She is also the President and CEO of Asia Society, a non-profit organization dedicated in strengthening the relationship between the United States and countries of Asia.

Her previous position as the Executive Director of WFP (World Food Programme) provided Sheeran the means of understanding the nature of world hunger. Her knowledge on food crisis management made her ideal to become member of the UN Development Group and the UN High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis.

Sheeran has received numerous awards, such as the Press Award for Journalistic Achievement and a national award for developing and promoting African-American journalists. She is a graduate of University of Colorado.

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