Josh Koppel

Josh Koppel

Founder at ScrollMotion

The way digital media and technology has transformed the presentation of and access to information is the topic of Josh Koppel's keynote speeches. Koppel is currently the Chief Creative Officer at ScrollMotion, a software company which he co-founded with John Lema. The company is dedicated to providing businesses with effective mobile solutions and strategies.

Koppel has plenty of experience in multimedia industries including film, digital and print media and broadcasting. He has worked for a number of notable brands such as Wal-Mart, MTV and Comedy Central. Having studied English and Art at Amherst College, Koppel has put his degree to use in a creative and lucrative way.

Josh Koppel's keynote speeches demonstrate how technology is not only transforming the ways we do business, but also the ways we learn and are inspired.

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