Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter


The Josh Ritter presentations support the need for musicians to promote their own work. Although not all artists are comfortable with this, Ritter breaks down intelligible ways for artists about the process while making crucial distinctions between the promotion of creative ideas and the promotion of one's personality.

Ritter has been immortalized internationally as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. His familiar American sound has won over the hearts of many, and in 2006 he was listed one of Paste magazine's '100 Greatest Living Songwriters.'

Josh Ritter's presentations and intense dedication to self-promotion are outgrowths of his unusual education. Originally a neuroscience student at Oberlin College, Ritter later shifted his field of study towards folk music, a subject he personally pioneered at the institution. He continued his academic pursuits at the School of Scottish Folk Studies and after a series of open mic nights, he was eventually recognized by the iconic songwriter Glen Hansard.

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