Juan Barletti

Juan Barletti

Anthropologist, Professor

Juan Barletti's lectures consider his anthropological background. Barletti holds an MA, MRes and PhD from the University of St. Andrews, the establishment where he now teaches social anthropology and sustainable development. His research specifically focuses on an indigenous Amazonian society, the 'Ashanika.' His studies concern how the Ashanika and similar societies consider the concept of 'well-being,' how they innovate, how they respond to extractavist activities in their home environments and how they perceive and organize leadership and communal relations. He also considers issues such as politics, violence and conflict resolutions.

Some of his academic achievements include helping to organize the 'International Conference on the Anthropology of Political Violence,' along with another panel titled 'Chiefs, Presidents, Shamans and Priests: Rethinking Indegenous Forms of Leadership, Authority and Political Action in the 21st Century Lowland South America.' Currently, he co-organizes a seminar series that deals with conflict in Latin America from several interdisciplinary perspectives.

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