Julia Landauer

Julia Landauer

Race car driver

The keynotes by Julia Landauer offer insight on what it's like to be a professional race car driver. The New York native is currently in her senior year at Stanford, where she's studying science, technology and society.

However, before she embarked on her academic career, Landauer was racing go-karts. Actually, go-karting was an endeavor she began at just ten-years-old. Her natural talent and perseverance led to her being recognized as the 'Most Improved Driver of the Year' by Oakland Valley Race Park in 2003. After a series of racing placements and championships, Landauer went on to become the youngest female Champion in the Skip Barber Eastern Regional Series. Impressed by her efforts at the BMW Series, Team KMA eventually offered her a scholarship.

Landauer's long-term goal is to fuse her professional race car driving experience with her college education, creating a business that combines technology, community and racing.

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