Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Editor in Chief and Founder of Wikileaks, Journalist

Julian Assange's keynotes are on the topic of transparency in government and media -- a topic that gave birth to his company Wikileaks.

Attending the University of Melbourne from 2002 until 2005, Assange studied in the areas of physics, pure mathematics, philosophy and neuroscience. He did not receive his degree, but went on to found Wikileaks reportedly as a result of his studies.

As a widespread media figure, Assange has advocated for real political openness and accountability. Wikipedia has since, under the helm of Assange, released classified information to mixed praise worldwide. His work as a journalist has covered international issues and Assange has released essays summing up learnings with titles such as 'State and Terrorist Conspiracies' (2006), and
Conspiracy as Governance' (2006).

His controversial work and publications have been influential in the media sector and have been a huge subject of debate. Key among these debates is the questioning of the line between releasing confidential information that hinders or helps governments in achieving their ultimate goals and what information the public really is entitled to know. In Julian Assange's keynotes, he looks into how media is conducted, what he and Wikileaks do differently, and reflects on the future of journalism.

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