Julie Burstein

Julie Burstein

Producer, Writer, Radio Host

Julie Burstein's keynotes explore different realms of creativity and how people of all fields and industries can utilize their experiences to create something beautifully unique.

Julie Burstein is an avid potter and often uses the traditional art of Japanese pottery, also known as raku, as a metaphor for creativity in her speeches. In her career, the radio host has interviewed various highly creative people as well as shared many of her stories as to how she gathers inspiration for her creations. As the host for Pursuit of Spark, she speaks to artists, scientists, parents and entrepreneurs who passionately pursue their dreams and creativity. Julie Burstein's keynotes are not only a reflection of how her guests have inspired her but also an expression of her personal journey and how her life's experiences have shaped her as an artist.

Graduating with an outstanding honor in Wesleyan University, Julie Burstein was also the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Arts Fellowship, which allowed her to study abroad in Japan for a year. She is also the recipient of Her work has received numerous awards, including two Peabody Awards, which recognizes distinguished radio and television individuals.

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