Juliet Funt

Juliet Funt

Leadership Consultant, Author

Juliet Funt's keynotes address the increasingly difficult task of balancing life and work in today's fast paced world. The daughter of Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, Juliet grew up with a father in show business and learned about the rigors of a career and the ways it can effect family life. She now speaks to companies and employees about how to overcome the "age of overload" with her Whitespace concept. Her keynotes are upbeat, edgy and humorous.

Julet Funt's past work experience includes positions as an improv comedian, meeting planner, human resources trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department and a liason for a Palestinian/Isreali peace project. She's co-authored two books: The Communication Path and The Wellness Path. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured in the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Shape, L.A. Parent, and Professional Speaker Magazine.

Juliet manages to find her own work-life balance as she speaks to audiences as large as 7,000 people while still raising her two children.

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