Kare Anderson

Kare Anderson

Reporter, Speaker, Consultant

The Kare Anderson talk about opportunity describes what it means to be an opportunity maker. The professional public speaker has appeared in over 18 countries, including at the TEDxBerkeley event. As a reporter, she is known as a columnist for Forbes and The Huffington Post. She is also a multiple Emmy Award winner and former journalist at NBC and The Wall Street Journal. She also works as a consultant for companies such as Google and Nordstrum, as well as government leaders, non-profit organizations sports teams and startups. Some of her other clients include Deloitte, London School of Economics, Novartis, Siemans and The Skoll Foundation.

Ideas such as the one presented in the Kare Anderson talk have been cited in at least 18 books. She's written a few of her own as well, including Getting What You Want, Walk Your Talk, Beauty Inside Out and Resolving Conflict Sooner. She also has experience with President Barack Obama's first campaign and started nine women's political action committees.

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