Karl Seiler

Karl Seiler

Entrepreneur, Programmer

The Karl Seiler talk on innovation discusses the gap between accelerated advancements in technology and the readiness to deploy both for consumers and a variety of industries. Based in Satellite Beach, Florida, the speaker currently works as the Founder and President of PIVIT, LLC. PIVIT works with other companies to "expand their lines-of-business with Internet of Things (IoT) products enabled with Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Computing."

The entrepreneur has previous experience at Modus Operandi, Nokia, NAVTEQ, Stellent, Affinity Logic, Inso Corporation, Information Builders, LEVEL5, Scientific Systems Services and the Kennedy Space Center. The self-taught programmer was educated at the University of Florida, receiving an honors bachelors degree in anthropology with minors in computer science and psychology.

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