Katie Cattermole

Katie Cattermole


The lectures by Katie Cattermole center around her studies at LSBU. Cattermole is currently in her third year at the institution, specializing in Sociology. Recently, she was invited to speak at a TEDx event, where she presented a thoughtful and compelling thesis on the hypersexualization of lesbians.

Cattermole's talk considers the way lesbians are portrayed in adult media, especially within the greater patriarchal context. In her speech, she argues that explicit lesbian films are oriented towards a male viewer. The emphasis on the 'viewer' in these films negatively impacts the way lesbians are perceived, casting them as a sexual object instead of a sexual agent. Cattermole uses experiences and anecdotes from her daily life to better prove her point. She suggests that better education will help build more inclusive, tolerant attitudes towards different sexual orientations.

Cattermole will continue to explore these topics in her education from a sociological perspective.

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