Kaz Hirai

Kaz Hirai

CEO of Sony

The Kaz Hirai keynotes educate audiences on a wide variety of technological, media and consumer innovations in the sector of electronics. During his time as the CEO of Sony Corporation, Hirai has lead his team through several successful design feats as well as times of trial and turbulence, such as the 2014 hacker incident. Alongside his role as CEO, Hirai is also an invaluable part of the Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. division of Sony Corporation.

Hirai started off working with Sony Music Entertainment Japan back in the early 80s. From there, Hirai moved on to work with Sony Computer Entertainment before joining the Sony Corporation as the CEO and Executive Deputy President where he oversees dynamic consumer electronics developments. The Kaz Hirai keynotes will elaborate on how Sony plans on continuing to revolutionize consumer media electronics.

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