Keith Nolan

Keith Nolan

Writer, Teacher, Activist

Keith Nolan's speeches explore and discuss the various barriers to entry faced by disabled citizens who wish to join the military. Nolan uses his own personal experiences in recruiting to address his difficulty in trying to fulfill his childhood dream of joining the army. After he was barred from enlisting in the army for being deaf, Nolan went back to school and received his Master's in Deaf Education and taught for two years after. A particular experience at school motivated Nolan to advocate for military enrollment for the disabled and to wipe out the negative connotations and prejudice commonly associated with individuals facing disabilities.

Nolan advocates for deaf individuals all-over-the-world who wish to enlist in the army, but are rejected because of their condition. He has even authored a research paper titled 'Deaf in the Military' that addresses how past wars have enlisted deaf soldiers who managed to overcome obstacles that impossible. With the use of past records and other countries' military records, Nolan has proven that deaf soldiers have served in the military and should be allowed to continue to do so.

Keith Nolan's speeches advocate for equal treatment of citizens and challenge the fact that the American Army retains disabled soldiers, but refuses to accept disabled citizens willing to enlist.

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