Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson

Artist, Designer, Teacher

Keynotes by Kelli Anderson focus on positively re-framing items that are often considered mundane by finding and exploring their potential possibilities. Anderson believes that almost any item has the possibility to be used for functions that it was never initially intended for, by engaging creatively with the world's surroundings.

Formerly, Anderson was the digital collections photographer at the American Museum of Natural History, but stepped down to pursue her own artistic works. Previous to this position, Anderson worked with notable pranksters the Yes Man to realistically recreate publications for activist measures. This particular design piece won Anderson and the whole creative team the 'Ars Electronica Prix Award of Distinction.' Anderson's creative works, which include the creation of a record player completely out of paper, have garnered world-wide media attention from publications like 'Mashable,' 'Wired' and 'Slashdot.'

Many of Anderson's artistic endeavors have been featured in notable media outlets like 'Hemisphere Magazine,' and 'Wired UK' and as a long-held tradition every summer she teaches art history courses at Pratt's Precollege. In an age dominated by the constant need to invent, keynotes by Kelli Anderson reinforce that innovation and creativity can achieve a world of possibilities, which inventions continually overlook.

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