Ken Amoah

Ken Amoah

Scholar, Finance expert

Ken Amoah's lectures are focused on his area of expertise: finance. Amoah obtained his BSc in finance at Florida Memorial University, where his impressive academic performance was recognized and awarded. Specifically, Amoah achieved the title of most promising student of the year from the institution. His academic accomplishments didn't end there, as the National Collegiate Scholars Association named him the 'National Scholar of the Week' in 2010.

In terms of his lectures, Amoah has been invited to speak at many international affairs, including the National Association of African American Honors Programs, the introduction ceremonies at the Financial Management Association, as well as several youth events throughout the United States and Ghana. He was also a speaker during TEDxLabone 2014, where he spoke about pursuing excellence.

Currently, Amoah works in the tax department at Ernst & Young. He continues to inspire people to strive for excellence in both their personal and business endeavors.

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