Ken Banks

Ken Banks

Founder of

Ken Banks' keynotes discuss the mobile technology possibilities in developing countries from which not-for-profit organizations can benefit.

Banks finished a business program in college and then went on to work at a local merchant bank. After coming by a chance IT opportunity opening, he became immersed in the IT department, running the bank's mainframe. Also by chance, he happened upon an advertisement to go on a missionary trip in Zambia, a journey he quickly signed up for. Becoming immersed in his interest in global issues, he completed a Social Anthropology degree in Development Studies at Sussex University.

His professional career saw him working posts at Cable & Wireless, as an English teacher in Finland and projects in Calabar, Nigeria. He developed the wildlife project for Fauna and Floral International and then founded, an organization to help NGOs make better use of mobile tech.

Since then, he has been world-recognized with several Fellow standings (Stanford University Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship in 2006, Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow in 2008). Ken Banks' keynotes come with the highest qualification on the discussion of social tools used in emerging nations.

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