Ken Goldberg

Ken Goldberg

Professor at UC Berkeley, Asst. Professor at University of Southern California

Keynote speeches by Ken Goldberg focus on the relationships that exist between humans and robots and the ways by which technology can affect societal interaction.

A gifted scientist in the field of engineering and robotics, the speaker is also known for his effective teaching style and boundary pushing artwork. As the recipient of the President Clinton Presidential Faculty Fellowship in 1995 and the National Science Foundation Faculty Fellowship in 1994, he has been recognized numerous times for his achievements.

Achieving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science and completing his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Economics at University of Pennsylvania gave him the knowledge necessary to explore the rapidly changing world of robotic technologies.

In any of the keynote speeches by Ken Goldberg, the audience can expect to garner a better understanding of not only the way that humans and technology overlap, but also how this relationship changes behavior.

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