Kent Nichols

Kent Nichols

Co-Creator of

The Kent Nichols speeches focus on providing tips and tricks on how to create a profitable and successful online brand. Having much success with his website that he co-created with Douglas Sarine in 2005 called, which is a compilation of comedic videos, Nichols shares what he has learned to inspire others to achieve their goals as well.

He graduated from California State University in 1999, with a focus on public relations, speech and American studies. In 2007 ‘Ask a Ninja’ was listed as one of Forbes top fictional celebrities on the web, and the two partners were reportedly making $100,000 a month in ad revenue and income from the licensing and merchandise sales from the show. Nichols was once frustrated at the lack of career opportunities and prospects in Hollywood, so he and his partner took matters into their own hands and were able to turn their hobby into a career. To discover how to launch and sustain a profitable business, the Kent Nichols speeches are not only entertaining but sure to provide audiences an abundance of valuable knowledge.

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