Kerrin Smith

Kerrin Smith

Fashion Designer

The Kerrin Smith speeches on the local economy of fashion discuss the need to apply social values to the fashion industry on a macro scale. The founder of startup CATiD is committed not just to a business model measured by people, planet, profit and sourced wisdom, but to social justice in general.

In November 2013, CATiD sponsored a round table discussion on aesthetics and accountability in fashion labor. In addition to her TEDx talk, the fashion designer worked on curriculum development and accompanying toolkit for Chelsea Clinton's interfaith documentary 'Of Many.' She also has experience with interfaith project management with the Auburn Theological Seminary. The speaker has gained acceptance to the Aladdin Project, an international summer university for intercultural leadership starting July 2014 in Berlin.

Deeply committed to interfaith dialogue, the Kerrin Smith speech mentions how her New York City-based project is about making a shift from being passive consumers in the fashion industry to responsible global citizens.

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