Kevin Judice

Kevin Judice

Entrepreneur, Scientist

The Kevin Judice talk is on using business to solve world issues. The Ph.D has over 20 years in the biotech industry and currently works as the CEO and Co-Founder of DiCE Molecules, CSO and Co-Founder of Cidara (previously K2 Therapeutics) and Principal of Cloudbreak Consulting (which he launched in 2011). He is also currently a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The speaker's previous experience includes Founder, CEO and CSO of Achaogen, Henry Crown Fellow at The Aspen Institute, Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Genentech and Vice President of Chemistry at Theravence.

Before receiving his Ph.D in organic chemistry from UCLA and becoming a post-doctoral fellow in molecular biology and protein engineering at UC Berkeley, the speaker was educated at Texas A & M University.

The Kevin Judice talk showcases his expertise in starting new companies and emphasizes the importance of using business to change the world.

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