Kevin Starr

Kevin Starr

Managing Director of the Mulago Foundation

Kevin Starr's keynotes focus on unearthing the common characteristics that are similar amongst successful start-up companies so as to be able to make more informed decisions about which social entrepreneurs to invest in.

Before becoming an active philanthropist and public speaker, Starr worked as a licensed doctor. He completed both medical school and his residency at UC San Francisco and worked in various countries around the world. When colleague and mentor Rainer Arnhold passed away suddenly while the two were working in Bolivia in 1994, Starr continued Arnhold's work with the Mulago Foundation and took on the role of director of the organization.

He works with developers and investors to seek out and implement ideas capable of making dramatic social impact. He also founded the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program in 2003, which is geared toward helping social entrepreneurs achieve meaningful results with their projects.

He now gives keynote speeches related to the advancement of these ideologies and how to more effectively spot good ideas and bring them to fruition.

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