Kirk Citron

Kirk Citron


The Kirk Citron speeches break down the concept of newsworthiness. According to Citron, distinctions should be made between what is relevant and irrelevant to the progression of healthcare, science, discovery and politics. That which is irrelevant should be strayed away from with a mind for progression and the development of society.

Citron studied at Harvard University. His graduation from the institution in 1977 eventually led him to New York's Ogilvy & Mather hub where he specialized in the production of commercials for Mercedes-Benz, Maxwell House and AT&T. He continued to work in the marketing industry, and in 1990 he founded Citron Haligman Bedecarré. The company's successes with PowerBar, The Gap and Sony eventually led to its distinction as Adweek's West Agency of the Year.

The captivating nature of Kirk Citron's speeches stems from their relevant content. Many have become concerned with today's headlines, and his involvement The Tides Foundation and The Foundation for the Future speaks to his cultured and worldly take on the subject.

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