Krista Donaldson

Krista Donaldson

CEO of D-Rev and co-founder of Safehub

The keynotes by Krista Donaldson look at the ways the third world has failed, and she describes medical solutions that are affordable and effective. Krista discusses her company D-Rev, which provides healthcare for only a few dollars.

Krista Donaldson earned her bachelor's in mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University, and her master's and Ph. D from Stanford University. She was an Iraq Economic Officer for the U.S. Department of State, and a research associate and lecturer at Stanford University. Currently, she is an advisor and co-founder of Safehub, as well as the CEO of D-Rev.

The keynotes by Krista Donaldson attempt to pave the way for third world healthcare that is market-driven and accessible to everyone. Krista's company works to produce products that are on the cutting-edge of technology, and are cheaper than the ones available in developed nations.

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