Lakshmi Pratury

Lakshmi Pratury

Curator, Speaker, Host, Co-Host

The Lakshmi Pratury keynotes focus on the traditional communication media of letter writing and its impending extinct. Pratury believes that it is up to future generations to keep this art form from becoming fading away.

Pratury is currently the co-host of 'TEDIndia' and the curator and host of 'The Ink Conference.' Prior to this position, she was the founder of 'Ixoraa Media,' an organization that aims to improve ties between the US and India through sponsored events. With regards to her educational background, Pratury earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Nizam College and her Master's in Business Adminstration from the Bajaj Institute. She received her second MBA in Theater Arts from Portland State University.

She was featured on Forbes Asia's list of the "100 Most Powerful Women" and played a crucial role in the development of the 'American India Foundation.' Lakshmi's thorough work was published in the 'San Jose Mercury' and the 'San Francisco Chronicle.'

Stressing the importance of keeping a traditional form of communication alive, the Lakshmi Pratury keynotes encourage younger generations to continue on the legacy of hand writing.

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