Laura Trice

Laura Trice

Writer, Doctor

The Laura Trice keynotes explain the value of simply showing appreciate and praise. In particular, Trice dedicates her speeches to showcases the power that a simple thank you has.

Currently, Trice developed a system titled 'Writing in Recovery,' which aims to enhance the well-being of individuals. Prior to this position, Trice facilitated programs with Federal inmates and medical students. In terms of her education, Trice graduated from the Smith College and College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.

Her programs received Federal recognition and have even been used by Smith College. Due to her extensive work, Trice was chosen as one of 'Betty Ford's 10 Speakers' for Awareness Hours. As an author, Trice is most recognized for her book 'How to Work Any 12-Step Program.'

The Laura Trice keynotes encourage individuals to push past the initial embarrassment to recognize and praise the efforts of others.

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