Lauren Zalaznick

Lauren Zalaznick

TV Executive at NBCUniversal

The keynotes by Lauren Zalaznick focus on television and share how the television has become a direct reflection of the moral, social, political and emotional state of society. Lauren Zalaznick shows how the television reflects the needs of the nation, and it reflects the intelligence of its viewers.

Lauren Zalaznick earned her bachelor's degree in English literature from Brown University, and began her television career in 1994 as vice president of on-air promotion at VH1. She worked as the executive producer of Zoolander, and has produced numerous award-winning fims including Kids, Safe, Swoon and Girls Town. She was president of the TRIO network, and currently works at NBCUniversal while leading the Bravo network.

The keynotes by Lauren Zalaznick compare people's reliance on television over the last 50 years, and describe the current situation in today's society. Viewers give television life and longevity, and people must be conscious of the amount of media they are dependant on.

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