Laurie Rosenwald

Laurie Rosenwald

Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

The keynotes by Laurie Rosenwald discuss the creative process and the power of making mistakes to inspire innovative ideas. Rosenwald claims that by creating chaos, one can come up with ideas easier than forcing ideas to come.

Laurie Rosenwald attended the Solebury School and the Rhode Island School of Design. In 1995, she established Rosenworld, and she is currently the owner and sole proprietor. She is known for being the world's most commercial artist, and she is an expert in drawing, graphic design and typography.

Rosenwald is the author of several popular novels, the most recent being 'All the Wrong People Have Self-Esteem.' The keynotes by Laurie Rosenwald focus on solving problems by doing something that is irrelevant, opposite and random. Laurie Rosenwald is a believer of mistakes, and she helps audiences make errors on purpose to creative new and fresh ideas.

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