Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy

Columnist, TV Host

Presentations by Lenore Skenazy are as controversial and intriguing as the columnist herself.

Most well-known for her views on parenting and ideas including "free-range kids," this outspoken writer is not afraid to speak her mind about many topics. Previously a regular columnist for the New York Sun until 2008, she's an experienced worker in her field and has done stints at NPR, Mad Magazine and the New York Daily News. Currently most well-known for her show 'World's Worst Mom,' which is about training overprotective parents to give their children more independence, she has become both a provocative and stir-creating name with more attention than ever.

Bold and facilitating important discussions about the development of parenthood, presentations by Lenore Skenazy are thought-provoking and close to home.

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