Leslie Dodson

Leslie Dodson


In her keynotes, Leslie Dodson examines the role ethics and social justice play in journalism. She draws on a lifetime of experience to do so.

As an international correspondent for MSNBC, CNBC, Reuters Financial Television, WeatherPlus, NHK Japan and NBC, Dodson has covered a multitude of topics and places. She worked for Reuter's as its Latin American Correspondent, covering everything from presidential races to the work of the World Bank and IMF. In Asia, she served as a supervising producer, reporter and anchor for Reuters Financial TV and NHK, covering Japanese business and politics. Dodson is also a founding partner of the multimedia journalism organization The Story Group, which focuses on environmental and energy issues in the Rocky Mountain West.

Academically, Dodson is quite accomplished as well. She holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Leslie Dodson keynotes draw on her deep experience in journalism to provide compelling insights into the craft.

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