Leyl Black

Leyl Black

Writer, Senior Managing Director, Media Consultant

The Leyl Black keynotes promote the importance of being fully prepared when it comes to business presentations. Black believes that well thought out presentations lead to better presentations and more confidence from customers.

Black is currently the Senior Managing Director at Sparkpr, a PR and marketing firm that works with clients like Wildfire and Payvment. Prior to this position, Black was the the Founder and Managing Director at Marketing Alchemist and the Vice President of Marketing at Sagent. With regards to her educational background, Black earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in German and International Relations from the University of Virginia and her MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Indiana University Kelly School of Business.

With her formal education and her vast experience in the PR industry, Black offers an insightful perspective on innovation to help companies identify profitable opportunities. She also provides media consulting service for businesses who wish to optimize their media presence.

Black is a contributing writer on the topics of social media and PR for Mashable and American Express Open Forum. The Leyl Black keynotes examine the effects fully prepared presentations have and urge businesses to make time to prepare for such occasions.

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