Liam Maxwell

Liam Maxwell

Executive Director of IT Reform for the UK Government

The Liam Maxwell keynotes provide audiences insight into the British government's IT policies, strategies and goals for the future. His official title at the Cabinet Office is Deputy Government Chief Information Officer. His most important responsibility is to deliver ICT services suitable for today's modern civil service.

Maxwell is known in the UK for unparalleled capabilities when it comes to modern IT policies and delivery of new services and programs. Before occupying his current post, Maxwell was a Tory councilor at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. He also held a variety of senior positions in IT services and departments for large companies such as Accenture.

The Liam Maxwell keynotes explain how crowdsourcing is being incorporated into the government's IT policies. He encourages citizens of the UK to participate in online discussions and forums to improve the effectiveness of government policies.

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