Lian Pin Koh

Lian Pin Koh

Drones Ecologist, Conservationist

the speeches by Lian Pin Koh build upon the speaker's expertise as an environmental scientist known for being a conservation drone pioneer and for the creation of the site, a project that uses drones to protect and monitor forests and wildlife all over the world like in Sumatra, Nepal, Congo, Gabon and Madagascar.

As a conservation biologist, Koh started the Conservation Drones project along with his parter Serge Wich, a primate biologist who has spent the past 20 years studying orangutan ecology and conservation in Indonesia.

Koh continues to pursue his conservation drone project as well as work as an assistant professor of applied ecology and conservation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He also still likes to do his ecology and conservation field work all over the world when he can.

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