Linda Rottenberg

Linda Rottenberg

Co-Founder and CEO of Endeavor

The keynotes by Linda Rottenberg offer tips to start-up companies and young entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. Linda Rottenberg believes that being called crazy is a compliment, and that growing an artistic vision is key.

Linda Rottenberg earned a degree from Harvard University, and attended Yale Law School. She was the expansion director at Ashoka, and is the CEO and co-founder of Endeavor, which is a global non-profit company that shapes the economies of emerging markets by recognizing and helping high-impact entrepreneurs.

Linda Rottenberg is known as the pioneer of high-impact entrepreneurship, and was the co-chair of the World Economic Forum in the Middle East. Currently, she is the vice-chair of the WEF Entrepreneurship Council, and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization. The keynotes by Linda Rottenberg help businesses make things happen, and share insights into how to become successful.

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