Lisa Gansky

Lisa Gansky


The Lisa Gansky presentations address a revolutionary business model. According to Gansky, the world's corporate corporate culture is changing, in part due to factors like global warming, population increases and widespread recession. She has in response pioneered a sharing approach wherein companies work on a peer-to-peer level.

Gansky co-founded Ofoto and worked as the general manager of Eastman Kodak Company's Digital Imaging Services branch. Her professional interests have been numerous, most of which she explored via her investment and advisory positions with Squidoo, Taskrabbit, RelayRides, Loosecubes and Dos Margaritas. She has also been applauded for her co-founding of Global Network Navigator, otherwise known as the world's first commercial website.

One of the most fundamental aspects of Lisa Gansky's presentation is her focus upon a common perspective. Her interest in the merger of various companies came to a head with her 2010 foundation of the Global Mesh Directory, as well as with the release of her book 'The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing' that same year.

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