Lorrie Vogel

Lorrie Vogel

General Manager for Nike’s Considered Design team

As the General Manager for Nike’s Considered Team, Lorrie Vogel's keynotes focus on the company's shift from its place in the industrial economy to one in the green economy.

She is in the process of conducting pioneering research in the effort to reduce waste and use more eco-conscious materials and practices in the brand's production process.

Her background in Industrial Design, for which she completed her degree at Syracuse University, has lead to her work on product development projects for toys such as the 'Speak and Spell,' and she later went on to work as the Product Designer and Identification Design Manager at Texas Instruments.

Lorrie Vogel's keynotes discuss the importance that innovating and thinking outside the box have on creating products that consumers both want to purchase and can purchase with a clean conscience as they are constructed using processes and products which have a low impact on the environment.

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