Losang Samten

Losang Samten

Scholar and Former Buddhist Monk

The Losang Samten keynotes encourage audiences to bring more happiness and kindness into their lives through an increased sense of spirituality and mindfulness. Through a lifelong career dedicated to Buddhism, Samten has established himself as one of the leading faces of spiritual wellness.

With over 30 years of experience as a former practicing Buddhist monk, Samten has dedicated his life to understanding and spreading peace of mind. He spent 20 years studying at the Namgyal Monastery where he received the establishment's highest honored degree. During his time at the Namgyal Monastery Samten also became the XIV Dalai Lama's personal attendant before moving to the US. Today Samten spends his time building Buddhist sand mandalas all over the world.

Each of the Losang Samten keynotes will help audiences recenter themselves through wellness, spirituality and mindfulness.

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