Luca Turin

Luca Turin


The Luca Turin speeches provide an insightful look at the science of smells. The dedicated biophysicist examines the processes involved in the recognition of scent, as well as the multiple steps involved involved in the creation of new aromas.

Turin's keen interest in scent can be traced back to some of his earliest pursuits. He completed his physiology Ph.D. at University College London and followed up on this with his research position at the French National Centre for Scientific Research from 1982-1988. Eventually Turin joined the faculty board of University College London as a biophysics lecturer.

Luca Turin's speeches are reflective of his intense dedication to his scientific field, and in 2006 his book 'The Secret of Scent' was released, revealing some of his most detailed work. His business-savvy nature has also aided in the development of his career, leading to his marketable publication of 'Parfums: Le Guide' which breaks down all there is to know about perfume.

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