Lucien Engelen

Lucien Engelen

Policy Director

The keynotes by Lucian Engelen reflect his relentless passion for the healthcare industry. Engelen merges his concern with patients with his belief in the capacity of modern technology, leading him to promote the use of smartphone applications in the medicinal field. He currently serves as the Head of the Regional Acute Healthcare Network at the Radbound University Nijmegen Medical Center.

Engelen's endorsement of the 21st century's digital culture coincides with his business background at Iva Driebergen's institution, as well as with his current advisory role at Radbound University. It is there where he speaks to the Executive Board on shifts in the healthcare world, often focusing on virtual modifications. This forward-thinking approach that characterizes Engelen's portfolio and keynotes led him to his position as curator of TEDxMaastricht's 'The Future of Health' division.

In 2010 Engelen's 'A Little Book About Health 2.0' was published, and is now available via iPhones, iPads and Androids. These online avenues selected by Engelen to deliver his compilation further drive home his support for electronics in the wellness sector.

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