Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae

Body Architect, Artist, Fashion Designer

The Lucy McRae keynotes focus on preparing for a hi-tech future by blurring the boundaries between technology and the organic human body. As a self-proclaimed "body architect," McRae has been designing fashions that combine biology and art to create fashionable and bizarre forms. Currently an Art Director and Innovation Consultant, McRae is constantly in the know about new technologies and new techniques of creating futuristic cyborg-inspired fashions.

Initially McRae trained as a classical ballerina and architect, giving her ample knowledge on organic movements of the body and the rigid structures of buildings. McRae's interests lie not only in combining technology with bodies, but also reprogramming biology to halt aging and diseases for a healthier future.

She has hosted various talks and workshops at the 'Chicago Arts School,' and 'Franks Gehry, Los Angeles' and 'RMIT, Australia' and created a variety of products that interact closely with the human body -- namely swallow-able perfume pills and dresses that react organically to touch. Her eccentric fashions have also been featured in Swedish pop star Robyn's music videos.

Blazing the trail for innovative fashion and technological advancements, the Lucy McRae keynotes offer an interesting approach to fashion-infused technology and technology-infused fashions.

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