Maddy Dychtwald

Maddy Dychtwald

Author, Speaker, Founder of Age Wave

Speeches by Maddy Dychtwald are insightful, particularly when it comes to demographic trends and women's issues at work.

Dychtwald, who graduated from New York University, had a long and successful career working as a trend forecaster and writer. After 25 years working hands-on in the industry, she is now a very successful keynote speaker and author who writes about her views and insights with regard to trends. Her entrepreneurial project, Age Wave, is a trend agency which focuses on population aging and the businesses related to the topic. Hugely influential, she is seen as somewhat of an authority when it comes to this topic.

Straightforward, and coming from a place of experience, speeches by Maddy Dychtwald are sure to keep companies and workers in the know about trends.

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