Malte Spitz

Malte Spitz

German Politician

The Malte Spitz speeches focus on privacy invasion that is frequently occurring due to technology, especially with cell phones, and the ability for carriers to track and store personal information. Spitz is a politician from the Green Party in Germany; he specializes in civil rights, media policy, economic policy and demography.

Spitz was the one who founded the April 2010 online protests against Facebook’s privacy policy, and he is also the founder of the initiative called ‘Network Neutrality.’

However, he is predominantly known for the lawsuit he filed against T-Mobile, after they continuously stalled on providing him with documentation of his personal information that it had on record. After a settlement was achieved, Spitz was sent six months worth of data of his life in 2011. He decided to go public with his findings and partnered with the German newspaper called ‘Die Zeit’ and released an informative Infographic, which won him a Grimme Online Award and a Lead Award from the Gold Lead Academy.

The Malte Spitz speeches are inspirational as they encourage their viewers to fight for what’s right, no matter how hard the battle.

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