Marc Pritchard

Marc Pritchard

Global Marketing and Brand-Building Officer at P&G

The keynotes by Marc Pritchard focus on innovative marketing and different branding strategies. The Global Marketing and Brand-Building Officer at P&G explains why brands need to have more than the best products. Brands need a distinct purpose, and this has let P&G explore untapped opportunities and new possibilities that other companies have not.

He received his degree in Finance from Indiana University in 1982, and later that year joined P&G. Over the past three decades, Pritchard has held numerous positions at P&G, and has worked his way up the corporate ladder. Along with his position at P&G he belongs to the Ad Council Board of Directors, the World Trade Center Institute of Baltimore Board of Directors and Personal Care Products Council Board of Directors.

The keynotes by Marc Pritchard look at the deeper meaning of brands and describe how they must be more than a new idea. Pritchard is one of the most experienced leaders in the field of marketing, and his role at the world's largest advertiser represents sales close to $80 billion.

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