Marc Shillum

Marc Shillum

Designer, Writer, Creative director, Strategist

Marc Shillum's keynotes delve into the issues of branding coherence among companies and the significant impacts of branding on a company and its consumers. Envisioning brands with identities is a facet of his work that Shillum is sought after for. Working with companies such as Barnes & Noble, Fuel for Nike, HBO, Chanel, Aston Martin, American Eagle, Hewlett Packard, CoPart and L'Oreal has provided Shillum with the experience and knowledge needed to be one of the top of his field.

Other than for his branding work, Shillum has also garnered awards for his works as a creative director, strategist, designer and writer. He has written articles for PSFK, AIGA, adweek, Design Week, Creative Review and Eye Magazine. Shillum is the current Principal of Method Inc.

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