Marco Beghin

Marco Beghin

President of Moleskine® America, Inc., sales manager,

Marco Beghin's keynote career began in 2011 where he spoke at FUSE: Design & Culture and DMI: Make it Happen, where he introduced how companies can integrate unorthodox innovations within companies. His integration of mobility in his organization has provided him with access to an untapped creative mind-set that he wasn't aware of back then. Beghin is an advocate of the idea that physical exertion helps in fully utilizing the mind.

He was president of Moleskine® America, Inc. for 12 years, which is a company where he implemented creative branding strategies for businesses across the world. His innovations led the company into working with high-profile companies, such as Apple Computer, Inc. Beghin studies business and marketing at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

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