Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest

Magician, Illusionist

Marco Tempest's speeches are fascinating and eye-catching visual demonstrations that fully integrate technological advancements with magic. Through use of the latest technology, Tempest cleverly engages, interacts and explains how illusions and magic can be used for more than just fooling one's eyes.

Tempest, who is often considered on the world's leading magicians and illusionists, won the World Cup of Magic at 22 and continues to "wow" audiences with his brilliant and vibrant performances. As a highly sought-after magician, he has been hosted on over 50 international television shows, such as 'Champions of Magic' and 'International Digiglobe Awards.'

Due to his unique presentation abilities, numerous leaders in high-tech industries and companies have consulted with Tempest to present their innovations and latest products. Tempest boasts an impressive clientele with Sony, Apple and Panasonic -- just a few who have employed Tempest's unique and highly entertaining performance abilities.

With the seamless integration of technology with illusions, Marco Tempest's speeches are great ways to promote new products and innovations in a unique and entertaining way.

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