Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham


The Marcus Buckingham keynotes discuss some of the most pressing educational and workplace issues. Buckingham promotes the need for school systems to assume a positive, encouraging attitude, and for employees to hone in on their specific irreplaceable skills. His coverage of these public arenas are relevant to countless keynote enthusiasts, and he has has such become a highly requested speaker.

Buckingham completed a political science M.A. degree at Cambridge University. It was there that professor Donald O. Clifton took notice of Buckingham, eventually bringing him on to the Selection Research Incorporated (SRI) group, now known as The Gallup Organization. It was there that Buckingham developed the crux of his theories as he conducted surveys measuring employee performance and involvement.

Those who get to experience the Marcus Buckingham keynotes will leave feeling inspired and informed. And for those who wish to hear more about his take on employment and pedagogy, his "Find Your Strongest Life" and "The One Thing You Need to Know" books will be invaluable.

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