Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes

Designer, Illustrator, Writer

The Marian Bantjes speeches bring to light the importance of embracing ideas that are meaningful and significant to you. Bantjes believes that by embracing ideas that have some importance to you that they will in turn inspire and become meaningful to those around you. By taking a risk and going for what one truly wants a proliferation and plethora of ideas will come to inspire and to motivate.

As a Canadian graphic designer, illustrator, artist and typographer Bantjes uses her work and creations to inspire consumers, clients, as well as herself. Earlier in her career Bantjes was a partner and senior designer at Digitopolis in Vancouver B.C. This experience allowed her to communicate, identify and inspire many notable corporations, art organizations and educational structures. Her work has been featured in Wallpaper*, WIRED, The Guardian (UK), The New York Times and Print Magazine. Bantjes is also an author of 'I Wonder' , regularly contributes to design website Speak Up, is frequently requested to judge and speak at design conferences and has been called, "one of the most innovative typographers working today."

Using an interesting and inventive subject matter, the Marian Bantjes speeches broach the topic of inspiring yourself and inspiring others simply with a meaningful idea.

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