Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang

Eating Designer

Marije Vogelzang's keynotes are rooted in her intense appreciation of food. She began her Amsterdam-based career upon her departure from the Eindhoven Academy where she graduated with a product design degree. Although she specialized in subjects like ceramics and plastic molding, she soon realized that the tools she was most interested in were based in her kitchen.

Vogelzang transferred her interest in product design to food design soon after her studies. In 2004 she opened 'Proef,' a restaurant framework that brandishes her original approach to the display of produce. Vogelzang hopes to alter the way in which we consume meals, emphasizing the lasting impacts of taste, smell and texture. This acute interest in the power of food has led the architect to spearhead culinary projects within hospitals and museums, some of which have been featured in publications like the New York Times Magazine. In 2009 she compiled the best of her work in her 'Eat Love' book, elaborating upon ways to improve the state of international dinner tables alongside her notorious food consultant career.

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