Mark Corbett

Mark Corbett

Student, Operations Director, Entrepreneurial Educator at SIFE, Facilitator

The Mark Corbett keynotes promote the need for younger generations to become more involved in the community, in order to ensure a generation saturated with social innovators and entrepreneurs. Corbett believes that if students become involved in business start-ups and social enterprises, they can directly motivate their peers to get involved as well.

As the Operations Director and Entrepreneurial Educator at SIFE, a student-managed NGO that aims to mobilize students to promote change, Corbett plays an active and engaging role with his community and his peers. Prior this this position, Corbett was the Facilitator at Future Foundations Training Ltd where he worked teaching children leadership and management skills. In terms of his education, Corbett boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of London's King's College.

With an avid passion for giving back to and enhancing the community dynamics, the Mark Corbett keynotes aim to arouse attention to community issues and active student involvement.

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