Mark Devolder

Mark Devolder

Professional Speaker at CFDC North Okanagan

The keynotes by Mark Devolder discuss the power of engagement, and focus on change. Mark Devolder describes that avoiding change creates disengagement, and this can hinder success.

Mark DeVolder has worked as a professional speaker at CFDC North Okanagan for 13 years, and he is the president of Synergy Sense Consulting. He is an expert in organizational change and employee engagement, and his clients include NASA, IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Over the course of his career Dr. DeVolder has motivated thousands of individuals to build trust and become more engaged in their personal and professional lives.

The keynotes by Mark Devolder discuss how to keep individuals engaged at home and at work. He emphasizes that during times of change individuals need a strong sense of people's needs to prevent sabotaging success.

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